Why Does Natural Deodorant Make My Armpits Itch?

Why Does Natural Deodorant Make My Armpits Itch?

Switching to natural deodorant is a popular move for many looking to avoid synthetic chemicals, but what happens when your underarms start to itch? I’ve heard this question countless times: why does natural deodorant make my armpits itch? Let’s dive into the common culprits and how you can find a solution that works for you.

Common Causes of Itchiness from Natural Deodorant

One of the main reasons your armpits might itch is due to a deodorant allergic reaction. Natural deodorants often contain synthetic fragrances or essential oils, that while beneficial for many, if used at too high a concentration can cause major issues to sensitive armpits. Many deodorants on the market use clever fragrance names to keep their products exciting but sometimes these complicated fragrances can do more harm than good.

What’s the Problem with Baking Soda?

A popular ingredient in many natural deodorants, baking soda, is effective at neutralising odours but can be harsh on sensitive skin. The alkaline nature of baking soda can disrupt your skin’s natural pH balance, leading to irritation and itchiness. Our skin is naturally slightly acidic, which helps protect against harmful bacteria and maintain a healthy barrier.

When baking soda disrupts this balance, it weakens the skin’s barrier, making it more susceptible to redness, rashes, and irritation. The abrasive texture of baking soda can also cause micro-abrasions, especially in the delicate underarm area, leading to itching and discomfort.

For those with sensitive skin, these effects can be pronounced and worsen over time with continued use. This is why some people initially tolerate baking soda in their deodorant but develop irritation later. At Rubb, we avoid baking soda and instead use gentler alternatives like magnesium hydroxide to ensure our deodorant is effective and irritation-free.

Finding the Right Deodorant for Itchy Armpits

When dealing with itchy armpits, it’s essential to identify what ingredient in deodorant causes you discomfort. Here are a few tips on selecting a deodorant that won’t cause irritation.

If baking soda is the culprit behind your discomfort, opt for a deodorant formulated without it. Instead, look for options that use arrowroot powder or diatomaceous earth, which are gentler on the skin. These ingredients provide an excellent alternative to baking soda for those seeking a deodorant for itchy armpits.

Moisturising Ingredients: Deodorants that contain soothing and moisturizing ingredients like, shea butter, and coconut oil can help reduce irritation and keep your skin hydrated. When selecting a deodorant for rash prevention, look for these hydrating components.

Rubb: The Best Deodorant for Rash and Itchy Armpits

As the founder of Rubb, I understand the frustration of dealing with deodorant-related skin issues. It's what got me here in the first place. My commitment to creating the best deodorant possible led us to develop a product backed by our Irritation-Free Guarantee™. Our natural deodorant is carefully crafted to ensure it’s gentle on the skin while effectively keeping you fresh.

Our formula avoids common irritants and includes soothing ingredients designed to nourish and protect your underarms. We believe everyone deserves a deodorant that feels good and works well, without the discomfort of irritation. That’s why Rubb is the deodorant for rash-free, itch-free comfort.

So, can natural deodorant cause irritation? Yes, but it doesn’t have to. With the right ingredients and careful formulation, it’s possible to find a deodorant without irritation.

Switching to natural deodorant shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort. With Rubb, you can enjoy the benefits of a natural product that’s truly irritation-free. Try it today and feel the difference of a deodorant that really works, without the itch.