Balms etc. Partner with Treedom to plant a forest

Balms etc. Partner with Treedom to plant a forest

At a time when many people across the country are throwing out their Christmas trees, it felt particularly fitting to launch this campaign this January. “Now the festive season has come to an end and many people are throwing out their Christmas trees -rather than re-planting them-we hope that by launching this campaign we can encourage others to be mindful of their individual impact on the planet.

Tanzania Farmers

Treedom’s credentials are incredibly environmentally-supportive: through their forest-planting they’re helping to increase carbon absorption and improve biodiversity. They are also playing a socially-conscious role, through their support of smallholder farmers all over the world, creating social benefits such as food security, and through helping to reduce poverty.

This campaign shows how through an action as simple as purchasing one of our hoodies and thereby planting a tree with Treedom, our customers are able to play their part in supporting our planet and collectively can have a huge impact. That’s a seriously powerful way to kick off your new year.”

Plant a tree with us today.